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“When you come from it, no one is coming to save you. Whatever ambitions or dreams you have is entirely up to you. You’re the only geeza that has what it takes to pull yourself out of the hell that you were placed in. Conquer yourself, then conquer the world.”

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A normal kid from a council estate.

Growing up on the rough Farley Hill estate in Luton, Jordan’s early life was anything but easy. From his family being evicted from their home to being kicked out of school, Jordan faced troubling situations and trialling times throughout his childhood.

Whilst these advertisities negatively impacted some of his peers, these challenges moulded Jordan the right way, developing the resilience, determination and grit that still push him to this day.

Farley Hill, Luton
Proud Lutonian & Hatter

How boxing got me out of trouble.

Since a kid Jordan had a lot of anger management issues, and after losing their home, he felt a spark and decided to head to his boxing gym. The coach immediately saw his potential, whilst Jordan finally found a place where he could channel that anger and feel at home.

It’s a cliché to say boxing saved Jordan’s life, but it likely did. He once missed a house party to focus on being rested for boxing the next day, and later that same night his best mate got shot in the back. Since then, the question on his mind was always: “am I on the right path?”


Dominating the amatuer game.

From his very first fight, Jordan had something special. Against a very experienced amatuer, he boxed well and picked up a win. Afterwards his coach threw him straight into the English ABAs, with Jordan boxing 50–60 fight amatuers and winning six bouts to reach the finals.

Since then Jordan went on to fight over 100 times amassing 98 wins, plus representing Team GB and becoming a 2x NABC Champion, Senior ABA Champion, Three Nations Champion, Best of British Champion, 2x Haringey BOX CUP Champion, 3x International Champion and more.

112-14-0 as an Amatuer
11x Amatuer Champion
Jordan Reynolds after a boxing fight Jordan Reynolds after a boxing fight Jordan Reynolds after a boxing fight

The journey to becoming a pro.

After doing his apprenticeship in the amatuer game, Jordan was set for a rapid rise up through the ranks after turning pro in March 2020. Timing couldn’t be worse however, with a full nationwide lockdown due to Covid arriving just a few days later.

Lockdowns frustratingly meant his pro career was stop-start initially, which in itself was a challenge mentally for Jordan. Since then he’s fought seven times without a loss, working his way up the pro rankings in pursuit of his first belt in the pro game.

Top 15 Pro
Boxing on Sky Sports and DAZN
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Giving back to the boxing community.

Whilst Jordan is on a mission to become a world champion, his love for his community, boxing, and hometown of Luton remains a massive part of his journey. After all, boxing gave him friendship, community and a purpose, and he feels indebted to the sport as a result.

That’s why back in back in 2019 Jordan set up the Jordan Reynolds Boxing Academy. He has since expanded to other academies and sports centres throughout Luton and Bedfordshire as well as Dubai. He also ensures free tickets to every fight are given out to kids from Farley Hill.

Free tickets
Community-driven initiatives
Boxing Academy

Life of the

“As I strive for the English title by June this year, I embrace the challenges and remain resolute in my belief. I will not let anyone’s doubts or negative expectations define my destiny. Together, let’s rise above, inspire others, and show that with hard work and perseverance, we can achieve greatness.”

Jordan Reynolds

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