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The path to becoming a boxing champion is an incredibly challenging journey, and I couldn’t do it without the support of those around me.

By sponsoring me you can make a significant impact in achieving my dreams, but your support however goes beyond financial assistance; it becomes a powerful source of motivation, reminding me that I’ve got a community rallying behind me.

Join me in championing not just a sport but the aspirations of a dedicated athlete, and together, let’s create a legacy.

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Sponsoring me isn’t just about supporting an individual; it’s a strategic business move to elevate your brand to a global stage.

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Jordan Reynolds with his team Jordan Reynolds with his team Jordan Reynolds with his team

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Sponsorship isn’t just a logo on my boxing gear; it's an exclusive pass to a powerful boxing network built up over 10+ years in the sport.

By aligning with my journey, your brand gains entry into a world of influential connections — from celebrities to promoters, corporate sponsors to boxing affiliates, and influencers to investors. Let’s join forces and work to elevate your business and life goals together.

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- Jordan’s Daily Goal

“I was working nights in the butchers at 2am to make some money. The next day I got a phone call to say one of my mates had been shot in the back and I just thought, ‘it could’ve been me’. I was just so lucky.”

Irish Mirror

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Become a part of The Wanderer’s journey and get your brand in front of a global audience, from Sky Sports to DAZN.

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Learn about how my journey started as a child with issues at home to my future goals as a champion.

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